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With Patreon’s native posting tool, you’re able to easily share your work by posting it directly to your creator page. Whether you want to share your content with anyone who visits your page or only your biggest fans, you have control over who has access to your posts.

To get started, just click the orange posting button at the top right while signed into your account and you’ll be taken to a screen that looks something like this.

From this menu, you can select what format the content your posting is. If your post will contain multiple formats, no sweat! You’ll be able to add other options as you draft your post.

You’ll also be given the option to select the audience of your post and whether or not you’d like the post to immediately go live or schedule it to be sent at a specified time.

You can also select up to five tags for your post so your patrons can easily find it later!

❗️ Important: If you’ve opted to charge your patrons per creation, they will not be charged unless you make a paid post during the month. So if it’s the last day of the month and you have yet to create a paid post make sure you create one before midnight (PST) on the 1st of the next month (when we process payments).

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