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Livestreaming is an awesome way to engage with your fans in real-time, as well as a super easy way to provide your patrons with something of value. Crowdcast is a premium livestreaming service that many creators use in tandem with Patreon, as it allows you to create livestreams that are visible to all of your patrons, specific reward tiers, or publicly. This makes it incredibly easy for you to offer livestreams as a reward to your patrons on Patreon.

Crowdcast also allows you to:

  • Send out a landing page ahead of the event so fans can sign up to be notified when you go live
  • Let viewers submit questions before/during the stream and vote up their favorites
  • Chat in real-time during the stream
  • Track how well your video performed with advanced analytics
  • Communicate with fans using automated in-app emails
  • Invite viewers on screen with you or share something with the audience that’s on your computer
  • Connect to over 500 integrations using automation tool Zapier
  • Accept payments via a registration page (if you’d like to charge non-patrons for the stream)
  • After the stream is over, embed the replay onto a site of your choosing with timestamped key moments

To get started with Crowdcast:

  1. Sign up at
  2. Click “create an event”
  3. Fill out the details of your event (event name, date/time of event, description, visibility, and whether or not you want fans to pay to watch the stream)
  4. Spruce up your landing page with an optional cover photo and teaser video for your event
  5. Add any custom fields you’d like viewers to fill out when they sign up to watch your stream
  6. Select any other platforms (Facebook, Youtube, etc.) you’d like the stream to broadcast to when it goes live
  7. Decide if you’d like to limit the number of viewers who can watch your stream, add a call to action (i.e. a link you want viewers to eventually end up on), and any other additional custom settings you’d like to incorporate from the “advanced” settings section.
  8. Once you’re finished adding your settings, click “Save” and you’ll be taken to your event’s landing page
  9. Just before the scheduled time of your event, click “Prepare to go live,” and you’ll be taken to a page where you can test your camera and microphone before you start your stream
  10. Once you’re all set, you can turn your camera on and enter the green room. The green room is where you can make sure everything looks and sounds good as well as invite any co-hosts into the room before going live
  11. When you’re ready for the world (or your patrons) to see you, click the green “go live” button and start your stream!

Not ready to commit to joining Crowdcast just yet? No sweat! We’re currently working on a more robust integration with Crowdcast that will allow you to create livestreams directly from Patreon. We’ll let you know when this feature is available to you!

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