Rewards for Photographers

Section: Build Your Page
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Take photos of amazing things for a living? Here are some reward ideas for photographers of all shapes and shutters!

Custom wallpaper

No, not the kind you paste in your house! I’m talking about those sweet digital wallpapers for your phone and desktop background. Give your fans the opportunity to proudly display your work on (let’s be real) the screens they spend most of their day looking at.

Instagram follow

If you take cool pictures for a living, chances are you have a pretty awesome Instagram presence. Show your patrons some social media love by following them! For those higher-paying patrons, go one step further and tag them in a lil’ shoutout!

Hi-res image downloads

If you’re looking for a super easy reward idea, hi-res image downloads are one of the best ways to give your fans something of value without having to spend time creating and fulfilling rewards. Chances are you already have these, so share them with your patrons and make everyone happy!

Patron portraits

If you’d like to offer some higher-tiered rewards (think $100 and up), consider offering to shoot a portrait series of your patrons. Just make sure that you make a note that they need to travel to you (not the other way around) to avoid getting yourself into a costly trip for little pay-off.

Proud patron poster prints

Try saying that ten times fast! Take one of your favorite photos, turn it into a poster displaying “patron of (your name)” and the date, print out a bunch and offer as a sweet $20-$50 reward.

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