Rewards for Gamers

Section: Build Your Page
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Whether you make games, play games, or review games, these rewards are sure to help you knock out the competition and take your page to the next level.

Discord roles

Discord is a free voice and text chat app designed specifically for gaming. Our integration with Discord makes it super easy for you to reward your patrons with special roles in your Discord server.

Invite top patrons over to play!

The only thing better than having an opportunity to play video games is getting to do it ON AIR with your favorite creators. This reward is incredibly easy for you to fulfill, as it requires no additional work on your part.

Early access content

Early access to content continues to be one of the most popular rewards offered by creators of all type, as it creates a sense of immediacy and exclusivity, while requiring very minimal effort on your part. Simply create an unlisted link to the content and share it out with the reward tiers of your choosing before making it public.

Expansion packs

For creators who are building games on Patreon, offering expansion packs is a great way to make your patrons feel like they are getting a ton of value from being your patron.

Private community

Gamers love traveling in packs and meeting like-minded souls. Make it easy for your fans to connect to each other by creating a place online where they can meet, chat, and play games with each other (Facebook groups and Discourse work great for this).

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